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  • April 28, 2021



1. Structure:
– Foundation Single foundation
– Column pillar Steel I 400 => I 700
– Roof frame structure Steel frame I 350 => I 700
2. Electrical and lingting system
– Light density 50 m2 / 1 bulb 40 w
– Minimum height mounted lighting system High 7 meter
– Electric meter system, individual aptomat use separatery for each warehouse 3 phase electricity meter
3. Walls, partition around the warehouse
– Wall height to warehouse roof The high cost is 7,5 meter
– Wall thickness 200 mm thick brick wall
4. Warehouse roof
– The warehouse roof is made of tole, thickness Not get splashed when it rains
– Supply plumbing system, drain gutter works well Not flooded when it rains
– Minimum height from floor to the lowest point of the roof High 7,5 meter
– Maximum height from floor to the highest point of the roof High 13 meter
5. Warehouse floor
– The warehouse floor is higher than the yard floor Minimum 250 mm
– Bearing concrete surface of warehouse floor 5 tons/m2
– Have a ramp at least 4.5 meter wide with 10% slope is close to the left or right edge of warehouse door connects the warehouse floor and the plat form of the forklift yard moving up and down Wide 4.5 meter, slope 5 %
– Guaranteed minimum load 1 tons/m2
6. Warehouse door
– There are 2 main doors 5.8 meter x 4.5 meter
– There is console roof in front of each door 8 meter x 2.5 meter
7. Way to the warehouse
– Main road to the warehouse 8 meter
– Internal roads 6 meter
– Internal roads load 35 tons

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Other Features
Backup power
Common area on the rooftop
Drainage system
Fire protection system

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